22 July 1985
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So I get to talk about myself here, right? Let's see... I have about 800GB of downloaded video game soundtracks. I spend my free time playing video games or poking my nose around the Gamingforce Community. I've also helped with a project which involves building one of the most comprehensive video game music databases on the internet which you may know as vgmdb. Besides all the gaming and computer stuff I also enjoy spending my free time with friends and family. Send me a message on AIM if you want.

Now I guess you wonder what I do for a living. I work for a bank in the information service department as Team Support, which is basically technical support/network administering a whole network of 300+ workstations throughout multiple bank branches. Most of the time is spent reseting someones windows password while playing Nintendo DS or goofing around on the computer. On our busier days I'm driving between the branches in Northern California doing computer work for computer illiterate people. People who can't plug in a keyboard correctly do exist. This fall I plan on going back to school to work on a Computer Science degree.

I like to chat about anything. Shoot me a message some time if you'd like to talk to me. I'll get back to you if you do.